Signs of an unhealthy gut and how to help it

You might have heard about gut health and thought it was a buzzword or a fad, but we’re here to explain why your gut plays such an important role in your life. An unhealthy gut can impact your overall well-being, from your energy levels to your mood, your immunity to your complexion.

The gut microbiome refers to all of the microorganisms that live in your intestines.  Some are harmful to our health, but many of the hundreds of species of microbiomes that live in our digestive tracts are essential for a healthy body.  When your gut microbiome is unbalanced and needs improvement, it basically tells you in the form of physical symptoms.  But don’t worry, it’s easy to keep your gut microbiome in check, balanced and healthy.

What are the signs of an unhealthy gut?

One of the most common signs of an unhealthy gut is that you might feel more bloated than usual, or you may have an upset stomach.  Many notice signs like poor digestion or food intolerances when their gut microbiome is off balance, with some experiencing unexplained weight fluctuations without any diet or fitness changes.

Another sign of an unhealthy gut is feeling tired and fatigued, with trouble sleeping.  When your gut microbiome is compromised, it produces less serotonin which is a known mood-booster.  Serotonin is vital to help relax the brain and with the inability to produce enough, your energy levels definitely take a hit.

A visual way of seeing that your gut is unhealthy is by your skin.  Eczema, psoriasis and acne are skin conditions that can be linked to an inflamed gut.  Proteins can “leak” into the body and irritate the surrounding tissue when the gut is irritated due to an improper diet.  This tissue can include the skin, so keep your eyes peeled for skin changes and inflammation.

How to improve gut health

Have a more balanced diet.

As mentioned earlier, an unbalanced diet can majorly affect the health of your gut microbiome.  Reducing processed, high-sugar or high-fat foods and increasing your intake of plant-base food and lean protein can help improve your gut health.

Hush & Hush’s PlantYourDay Vegan Protein Powder is formulated to promote balance for your skin and gut health.  It’s so much more than a protein powder.  It contains super greens, superfruits, anti-inflammatories, energy boosters, fibre and digestive aids.  This is just what an unhealthy gut needs, and it tastes great too!

Get more rest

Stress can cause gut inflammation, resulting in a lack of sleep.  Reducing stress and practicing mindfulness to keep stress levels at bay, less stress equals better sleep and less gut inflammation!

Hush & Hush’s MindYourMind supplement helps to promote better sleep and calms the body and mind too, helping you to have a more peaceful sleep.  It contains L-Theanine, chamomile flower and magnesium for a good night’s rest.

Incorporate prebiotics and probiotics

Prebiotics and probiotics can be really beneficial in helping your gut to recover quickly.  Prebiotics promote the growth of good gut bacteria, while probiotics provide live, good bacteria.