5 ways to boost your immune system this autumn

Cosy knits, pumpkin spiced lattes, long walks in crisp leaves are just some of the things that we look forward to when autumn arrives.  However, autumn usually heralds the start of cold and flu season too.  For those who are concerned with immune health, here are 5 ways to boost your immune system this autumn to ensure you’re supporting your body fully.

5 ways to boost your immune system this autumn

  1. Get regular exercise

This doesn’t just mean going to the gym.  As everyone’s fitness levels are different, it’s about finding an exercise that gets you moving more, that you look forward to doing and that will help boost your immune system this autumn.  Wrap up warm with your favourite scarf and head to the park or the beach for a crisp, autumn walk.  While regular walking can help to jumpstart your immune system, it can also help to reduce stress, improve your mood and lower inflammation levels.

  1. Support a balanced gut microbiome

Did you know that experts say that up to 70% of your immune system is in your gut?  Flora in the gut works at carrying out important immune-boosting tasks like absorbing nutrients, resisting infection and fighting off inflammation.  By keeping on top of your gut health with things like healthy food and supplements, the flora can work more effectively in the gut.

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  1. Don’t smoke and drink in moderation

Drinking and smoking can compromise the balance of your gut’s microbiome and lower your body’s immune responses.  Experts say that alcohol consumption can increase your risk of catching certain infections and illnesses, so either avoid both or only drink in moderation.  Your body will thank you.

  1. Manage your stress

Short-term and long-term stress can play havoc with your immune system.  If you suffer from stress, you might have noticed that you can’t fight off colds or illnesses as quickly or effectively as usual.  While managing stress can be a struggle, meditation and self-care can have a positive impact in your immune system.  Adding in supplements including Hush & Hush SheildUp and MindYourMind can both help you to bounce back quicker from environmental and emotional stressors.

  1. Get more sleep

If you’re someone who struggles with sleep, you’ve probably noticed that you’re more susceptible to illnesses and take longer to recover from them too.  This is because night time is when your body can repair and rejuvenate itself.  A full eight hours of sleep is what your immune system needs to function best.  While getting eight hours of slumber might sound like a struggle, Hush & Hush MindYourMind soothes stress thanks to a blend of magnesium, chamomile, valerian root and other holistic ingredients to calm the mind and promote a deeper sleep.