Why These Celebrities Love Collagen (And You Should Too!)

Collagen+ Product on a marble tray with powdered products placed in front.

From gleaning the hottest gossip to enjoying the best new blockbusters and tracks to blast in the car, there are many reasons to follow the happenings of celebrities. Of course, staying in the know about trends and products in beauty and wellness should also top that list. Why? Because celebrities have the money and motivation to invest in testing and trying the latest and greatest. And sometimes, that new thing they all seem to be talking about has some staying power. Collagen is one of those. For years now, many of our favourite household names have been espousing its powers. But why do celebrities love collagen? We’ve got the answers … 

Beautiful Benefactors

You may be wondering who, precisely, has shared their collagen obsession. According to interviews and reports, everyone from the Kardashians to Jennifer Aniston to Victoria Beckham are big fans of the supplement. 

All people are beautiful, no matter their age! But if “aging later,” as our founder Dr. Marc Ronert coined, is your goal, doing as these icons do certainly can’t hurt. Aniston and Beckham hardly look a day older than they did 20 years ago, and the Kardashians are known for their full-faced, youthful looks. 

So, perhaps we’re seeing the proof in the powder? 

Here are the qualities that make celebrities love collagen as one of the longest lasting beauty and wellness must-dos. 

The Reasons Celebrities Love Collagen

First and foremost, they love that it is an all-around perfect solution—zero drawbacks. 

Many of us assume that celebrities can and do rely on their plastic surgeons for anything and everything. But no one wants to go under the knife if there are other options. Plus, sometimes celebrities have busy performance schedules that leave little room for procedure and recovery. For these reasons, they love collagen. It is a less invasive, but super effective way to gently maintain a youthful appearance over time. Why? 

While collagen does plenty of important things—like prevent bone loss, boost muscle mass, promote heart health, and provide joint pain relief—it also improves skin, hair, and nail health. This is because the protein is responsible for the elasticity and softness of your skin. When we see the loss of youthful fullness in the face with age, it is because collagen production is decreasing. In fact, after age 20, your body’s collagen production is reduced by 1% per year. 

Your Way to Famously Youthful Skin

If you want to fight back on that natural decrease, do as the famous do! Celebrities love collagen because it is a long-term, sustainable solution to the dwindling collagen production that comes with age. Happily, you can enjoy those benefits, too. 

If you ask us, Collagen+ is the way to do it. With three types of collagen and all nine amino acids to marine and bovine sources’ eight, our formula is a well-rounded, revolutionary solution. It’s also vegetarian (created using upcycled eggshells!), made with natural flavours, non-GMO, gluten-free, and has no sugar. 

We’re sure it won’t be long before celebrities are including Collagen+ in their favourite product roundups, but hey, you could beat them to it. 😉

If you do order yours, let us know what you think by using #CollagenWithoutCompromise on social media!