Myth Busters: Shedding Light on the Collagen Industry

Collagen+ Shot of White Egg Shells 4x3 on a beige background

Yes, you read that subhead correctly … and we know, yikes. It is never fun to realize that a product you placed your trust in was falsely advertised. Unfortunately, that is the case with many—if not all—of the other vegetarian collagens on the market. The myth they’re peddling? That their vegan or vegetarian collagen is the perfect alternative to bovine and marine formulas. Here at Hush & Hush, Collagen+ does achieve that solution. But it’s one of the first to do it. Other products marketed as vegan or vegetarian collagens are, in fact, just peptides and other boosters. Let’s talk about it. 

First of All, What Are Peptides and the Other Boosters in Collagen Products? 

Peptides are strings of amino acids that make up the building blocks of proteins. In the context of collagen, boosters are ingredients that help the body to process and/or produce collagen. These often include vitamin C and zinc.

Both peptides and other boosters can be beneficial for the aforementioned reason. They can help you make the most of collagen. But they aren’t actually collagen.

The fact of the matter is, until very recently (ahem, Collagen+), it was not possible to make a true vegetarian collagen supplement. It still isn’t possible to make a fully vegan one. Collagen does not occur naturally in plants, so the only way to supplement it is with animal products.

Collagen+ is revolutionary because our scientists found a way to utilize the collagen found in eggshell membranes. Game, changed.

What You’re Really Getting With Vegan or Most Vegetarian Collagens

Like we said, peptides and other boosters can be great additions to your routine. The issue lies in misleading marketing. While some brands do title their products correctly, with verbiage like “Collagen Peptides” or “Collagen Booster,” others take an unethical approach to their vegan or vegetarian collagens. When the bottle says, “Plant Collagen,” but the ingredient list only features a bunch of peptides and vitamins, it feels like a bit of a trick, doesn’t it?

Happily, there are no tricks here, just treats! Not only does Collagen+ have actual collagen in it. It also contains all nine essential amino acids and other boosters.

The Takeaway

While vegetarian collagens that are actually peptides and other boosters can support your body’s natural collagen production and processing, the real solution is few and far between.

If you want to supplement with actual collagen, you’ll want to go with Collagen+. That isn’t only because it is one of the only true vegetarian collagens. It also features a more complete protein profile than bovine and marine collagens. It’s truly the ultimate go-to.

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