How to manage stress and burnout

It’s safe to say that the majority of us have been experiencing stress and on a completely different level in recent years.  Burnout is when you reach a state of absolute exhaustion mentally, physically and emotionally.  Usually it’s caused when the stress levels become overwhelming in your work, home or personal life, and that stress has been prolonged.  While most of us might have days where we have more on our plate than we think we can handle, when it’s like this every day, you might be experiencing burn out.

Here are some tips on how to manage stress and burnout. 


Meditation, even for a few minutes a day, can help you recognise the signs of burnout.  It is a great tool for stress management and anxiety too. It gives you time to check in with your mind and body, giving you head space to observe and notice your thoughts and emotions. Try downloading a meditation app today and see the difference that it makes.

Get good quality sleep 

When stress and burnout takes over, it can be different to switch off at night.  The mental chatter seems to get louder right as you’re trying to switch off. Hush & Hush’s mind-calming supplement MindYourMind helps to relax and destress the mind and body.  It’s melatonin-free, so you don’t need to worry about feeling groggy or tired the next morning.  Botanical ingredients help you to wind down and relax, helping you to fall asleep and stay asleep for longer.

Exercise and eat well 

Exercise and nutrition are two important factors when it comes to managing stress and burnout.  Not only is exercise a great stress reliever, but it helps to improve the quality of life.  When it comes to nutrition, it’s a vital part of managing stress because stress can deplete certain vitamins.  Hush & Hush ShieldUp reduces stress with adaptogens like Rhodiola rosea root, and supports the immune system with 500mg of vitamin C.  It’s the ideal nutraceutical to add into your diet for days where you’re feeling run down and working on overdrive.

Manage your time on social media

While social media itself might not cause you burnout, it might be one of the causes of stress in your life.  With your social media feeds filled with what seems like constant bad news, it can take a huge toll on our mental health.  Scrolling for hours on your phone can leave you feeling mentally depleted.  It can also lower your mood and worsen your symptoms of anxiety and stress.  Setting boundaries and only using social media for a certain amount of time per day can help manage your stress levels.  Unplugging might be a hard habit to incorporate, but try calling a friend or spend time with them in person.  Go for a walk, watch your favourite TV show or snuggle down with a good book.


Talking to people that you trust, that won’t judge you and that you can open up to is a huge step in managing stress and burnout.  Brainstorming different solutions with friends and family can help give you a new perspective on life.  They might have their own insights on how they’ve dealt with it themselves.  Managing stress and burnout can take time and effort, but by incorporating some of these strategies on a daily basis, it can make a difference.