Focus on: Hush & Hush SkinCapsule

SkinCapsule HYDRATE+

This month, and beyond, it’s time to celebrate our skin and show it some love.  In recent years, many of us have really focused on our skincare routine, trying out new topical products and finding products we enjoy using.

But did you know that you can feed your skin from within, treating different concerns from the source?  The trio of skin-perfecting supplements in the Hush & Hush SkinCapsule range is backed by the same clinical research that Hush & Hush is widely known for- scientifically-sound data and results-oriented products.

SkinCapsule BRIGHTEN+

SkinCapsule BRIGHTEN+ brightens dull-looking skin and regulates the synthesis of melanin.  By doing this, it diminishes the appearance of age-related discoloration, age spots, sunspots and redness.  It also decreases inflammation that can cause discoloration in the skin. Even toned skin for the win!

It contains a blend of scientifically sound and proven brightening agents, including vitamin C, patented ingredients like Amlamax, Lutemax, Saberry and SkinAx2, that work deep within the skin to create brighter, more illuminated, healthier-looking skin that’s even.

SkinCapsule HYDRATE+

Try SkinCapsule HYDRATE+ for perfectly hydrated skin that glows from within.   As we age, there are many different factors that can contribute to decreasing the skin’s moisture content, including sun damage, diet, inflammation, pollution and the weather.  Dehydrated skin can tend to look dry, dull and sagging.

This hydrating supplement contains clean, clinical, plant-based ingredients including hyaluronic acid, Korean red ginseng, vitamin C, Cocoin and Ceramosides for perfectly balanced, hydrated, glowy skin.  This is ideal for those whose skin craves moisture.  The skin hydrating ingredients work from the inside out to smooth rough complexions, reduce dryness and increase skin hydration in just 4 weeks.

SkinCapsule CLEAR+

SkinCapsule CLEAR+ conquers stubborn breakouts, putting your skin on the path to clear.  Having acne or blemish-prone skin can seriously affect your self-esteem and it also causes physical damage to the skin.  This skin balancing, anti-blemish supplement is formulated with clean, clinical, plant-based ingredients and botanicals to help lessen breakouts on the face and body.  It soothes red and inflamed skin and helps to reduce pore-clogging oil.

Tried-and-true skin-perfecting ingredients, like antioxidant-rich vitamin A, skin-clearing pantothenic acid and anti-inflammatories such as zinc and selenium, work alongside herbs and botanicals to clear up clogged pores, diminish overactive oil production and bacteria and reduce inflammation in the skin for clean, clear, flawless skin.

The Hush & Hush SkinCapsule range is vegan, is created without gelatin, artificial colorants, flavorings or additives.  We do not advise taking supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you are currently taking medication please consult with your GP prior to taking Hush & Hush.