Holiday Hero – immune boosting tips before and after travelling

You’ve booked your holiday months ago and have been counting down the days.  Everything is organised and as you get closer to putting your out of office on, you start to feel fatigued, unwell and before you know it, you’re on annual leave and you’re sick.  Sound familiar?  Holidays are so precious nowadays and you don’t want to spend that valuble time feeling under the weather.  In this post, we’re going to give you some immune boosting tips for before and after travelling.

Eat well

Gut health is vital when it comes to your immune system, as 70% of the immune system is located in the gut.  Limiting sugar and processed foods before travelling can help to promote a good immune function.  Increase your intake of citrus fruits which are a fantastic source of Vitamin C, and consume them in advance, rather than turning to them when you’re sick.  Leafy greens, probiotics and prebiotics should also be incorporated into your daily routine.

Get good quality sleep

We all know the toll that a lack of sleep can play on the body.  It’s crucial to get good quality sleep for a well-functioning immune system.  When we sleep, our bodies repairs and rebuilds itself, and a lack of sleep can leave us vulnerable to illness.  This is what we’re trying to avoid all year round, but definitely on our time off.

Add supplements     

Support a healthy immune response and promote maximum defense levels by incorporating Hush & Hush ShieldUp into your daily routine before, during and after travelling.  Not only does it support the immune system with 500mg of vitamin c, but it helps to reduce stress with adaptogens like Rhodiola rosea root and safely boosts energy levels with maca root and organic turmeric.  It’s ideal in the lead up to your holiday when you might be feeling like you’re working on overdrive and are feeling run down.

Stay hydrated

If you’re flying this summer, make sure to stay hydrated before, during and after your flight.  Flying can cause you to become dehydrated quicker, so pack your refillable water bottle on your carry-on and keep hydrated.

Manage your stress

The lead up to a holiday can increase stress levels as we struggle to tie up loose ends at work, make sure we’ve packed everything we need for ourselves and the family and ensure we haven’t forgotten anything, not to mention the travel logistics.  And when our holiday is over, we can become stressed about going back to work as we know it’s going to be super busy after our break.  Stress can cause inflammation in the body

By incorporating these immune boosting tips before and after travelling, you’ll get to enjoy that well-deserve break!