NEW DeeplyRooted Hair System

Hair loss and thinning can be a big concern for many individuals. On average 85% of men will see significant hair thinning by the time they are 50. There are so many contributing factors to hair loss, it can be your environment, genetics, stress, illness, pregnancy, diet, hair abuse or poor nutrition.

If you’ve noticed your hair had change over the last few years and your hair is becoming a lot thinner this may be stress related. Stress causes an inflammatory response internally and can throw your hormones off and raise cortisol levels and this can affect the growth phase of the hair cycle. Products containing ingredients such as adaptogens can help to lower the heightened cortisol and then in turn allow for a better environment for hair to grow. Adaptogens are technically herbs and spices that help to regulate cortisol in the body.

The first product created to target hair loss is the DeeplyRooted hair growth Supplement. Designed to fuel the scalp with essential nutrients to promote hair growth, while also nourishing the hair. It also has a combination of adaptogens to regulate the cortisol levels. It has 5 patented ingredients and is plant based so no side effects and is safe to take consistently.

Recently, we have added to this line to create a 360-degree approach to hair health. The first step to any good program is cleansing, this is vital to create a better environment on the scaly for absorption.  The DeeplyRooted Exfoliating Hair Cleanser is designed to gently exfoliate the scalp and help remove any build up of product or dead skin that may be interfering with your hair growth.

After cleanser they have designed an Intense Nourishing Hydrator to replenish any moisture lost from the hair. This leaves the hair soft, nourished and hydrated.

The next step in this routine is the Cellular Restoring Treatment. This is a hair serum that can be directly applied to wet or dry hair. Application needs to be directly on the scalp and massaged in daily for best results. This is a blend of highly potent plant-based ingredients to reduce dryness of the scalp and minimise hair fall out. This serum stimulates hair growth three times faster and reduces hair loss.

This system is based on the philosophy of Nourishing from the inside with Deeply Rooted hair supplement. Exfoliate with the Shampoo to remove build up of dead skin and product. Nourish the hair with the conditioner and create healthier shiner hair. Grow with the hair growth serum by stimulating the scalp and creating a more nourished environment for hair to grow.

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