Why patience is key when taking supplements

patience is key when taking supplements - find out how to be consistent hush and hush

It can be frustrating if you’ve started a new skincare or supplement routine and don’t see results immediately. Starting a new habit and sticking to it can take time and consistency, but the results are most definitely worth it. Patience is key when taking supplements, so here are some ways to stay on the right track and stay motivated.

Have a routine

It can be overwhelming adding different supplements to your daily routine. You may find that a day or two has gone by, and you’ve forgotten to take yours, but don’t worry; it’s easy to add them to a daily habit that you already have. For example, the daily dose of DeeplyRooted is four tablets per day. Mornings can be busy and stressful getting yourself ready for work and the children organised for school. And the same goes for dinner time. Whether you’re getting food prepared for the family or you’re heading out with friends for dinner, supplements might be the last thing on your mind. Try taking DeeplyRooted at lunchtime, when things are hopefully a bit quieter. However, if you still struggle to remember to take your supplements, add a reminder on your phone, or add it to your daily to-do list. Make yourself a priority!

Take before and after photos

If you’re looking at your skin and hair in the mirror every day, it can be hard to see any visible differences. But don’t get disillusioned! Small changes are happening that you mightn’t notice, but if you take some before photos at the start of your supplement journey, you’ll have something physical to compare to. Take photos every month. With DeeplyRooted, you can start to see results after four weeks, but as results can vary per individual, it may take longer for you to see changes, so patience is key when taking these supplements. It’s recommended to take them for 90 days to see noticeable results. Seeing new baby hairs growing and your hair looking thicker will encourage you to continue taking them for even better results.

If you’re taking a skincare supplement like SkinCapsule HYDRATE, before and after photos are a really powerful way to show that your dedication to taking supplements is working. These reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in one month, so take photos from different angles, save them and set a reminder to take more each month. Seeing physical changes is encouraging, especially when a supplement like this works from within. It has hydrating ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and Ceramaides, intensely hydrating from the inside.

Optimise your results

DeeplyRooted is a clinically-proven hair growth supplement that works by nourishing the follicle to strengthen weak hair, promotes scalp health and creates thicker, shinier hair with improved density. Adding DeeplyRooted Hair Serum to your DeeplyRooted supplement routine daily will give optimal results. The DeeplyRooted Hair Serum rejuvenates the hair, nourishing the scalp for reduced shedding and optimum hair health, and it’s clinically proven to revitalise aging and thinning hair. You’re maximising your results by nourishing your hair from the inside and outside.