3 Tips for eating healthy on the go

Let’s face it. If eating healthy were easy, we’d all likely be doing it.

With our calendars filling up quickly and lots more plans being made, it’s safe to say that our lifestyles have gotten busier. With that comes the challenge of trying to eat healthy on the go. It requires a bit of planning and effort, but it’s so worth it and you’ll feel so much better for it too.

Tips for eating healthy on the go

Don’t miss breakfast

With the morning commute, it’s easy to run out the door, promising yourself you’ll buy something healthy on the way to work. Experts say that eating breakfast is what helps us stay energised and focused longer, so getting a good balanced meal first thing in the morning is key.

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Think ahead 

A simple thing like making a meal plan can make a huge difference when trying to eat healthily.  Not only does it make doing the weekly food shop easier, but it means you won’t be caught off guard when you’re on the go.

Meal prep can give you back valuable time during the week, so at the weekend, chop up your fruit and vegetables, ready for meals and snacks for the week ahead.  This will stop you from wondering what’s for dinner and will help keep you on plan.

Make healthy decisions

With life becoming busy again, it’s totally understandable that. not every meal can be made from scratch.  By educating yourself on some healthy on-the-go options you can rely on, means you won’t be caught out.

Most restaurants have great healthy options to choose from too, making life a bit easier. Look for menu items with lots of veggies, healthy fats, fiber, and lean meats and don’t be afraid to ask for the sauce on the side!

While eating healthy can be more challenging on the go, the best thing you can do is remain flexible. Understand that the perfect food choices may not always be easy or available. Do the best you can to achieve balance, and don’t beat yourself up if you make a misstep. By striving to make just a few better choices each day for yourself and you’ll still reap plenty of benefits.